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English 11 Benchmark

English 11 benchmark study guide questions and answers

Assimilationsists People from all ethnic groups and cultures of origin.
Clyborne Park White neighborhood.
Realism Don't believe their will be a change.
Idealism Work to live for progress.
What was the 10,000 for? It was money coming from her husband's life insurance policy.
What is the setting? The apartment
What presents did Mama get? A hat and some gardening tools.
Why did Ruth go to the doctor? Because she was pregnant.
Can you recall what news Bobo brought Walter? Spreaded the money around so he wouldn't have to wait for the liquor license.
Why did Beneathea say she wouldn't marry George? He was too shallow.
Where is Joseph Asagai from? Nigeria.
Where did the Younger's move to? Clyborne park
Can you elaborate on why the Younger’s moved? Needed more room.
How would you summarize Walter and Lindner’s conversation about moving? It was very arguemental.
Where does your thesis statement go? The beginning of a paper.
What font are most papers expected to be in? Times new Roman
What is plagiarism? Copying someone else's work, word by word.
What does your conclusion need to consist of? Supported what you stated in your thesis.
How do you introduce a quote? Begin a sentence with your own words.
Thesis To be maintained or proved.
Paragraph Consists of one or more sentences.
Works cited A list of sources that you have incorporated within your paper by using the ideas, information, and quotes of others.
Primary source Information about the topic.
Introduction The action of introducing something.
Conclusion Statement of opinion.
Plagiarism The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
Topic sentence Summarizes the main idea of that paragraph.
Pagination The process of dividing a document into discrete pages, either electronic pages or printed pages.
Header Placed at the beginning of a document.
Outline Consists of the thesis statement.
Source Card 3x5 index cards.
Who found the girls in the woods?
What were the girls doing in the woods?
Why did Hale come to Salem? Witch hunter
Why was Proctor angry with Mary for attending court? She wasn't telling the truth
When did the Crucible take place? 1692
Where does the Crucible take place? Salem, Massachusetts
What is the name of the Parris’ slave?
Who gave Elizabeth Proctor the poppet? Mary Warren
Who was very ill at the beginning of the play?
Created by: Katwill678