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Unit 8 vocabulary


Cell The smallest functional unit of living things.
Tissue A group of similar cells working together to perform a specific function.
Organ Structure that is composed of different kinds of tissue.
Organ System A group of organs that work together to perform a major function.
Structure The way something is built or how its parts are arranged.
Function The job something does or the process it carries out.
Homeostasis The body's tendency to keep an internal balance. Process of maintaining equilibrium in organisms.
Stimulus Something inside or outside an organisms body that causes the organism to react in some way.
Response The action or change in behavior that occurs as the result of a stimulus.
Adrenaline A chemical produced in the body that gives you a burst of energy and causes protective mechanisms to occur.
Stress The reaction of your body and mind to threatening, challenging, or disturbing events.
"Fight or Flight" The reactions caused by stress when adrenaline prepares the body to protect itself.
Created by: davisjer