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Bio Quiz-Senses

094- special senses

The sensory hair cells of the organ of Corti are positioned on the __________. Basilar membrane
When a bright light shines in the eye, what reflex response takes place? Circular muscles of the iris contract
The photoreceptors in the eye are found in the __________. Retina
The bumpy surface of the tongue is actually peg-like projections called __________. papillae
The __________ glands release tears Lacrimal
The conduction of a sound vibration from the middle ear to the inner ear is created by the vibration of the __________. Stapes in the oval window
Smell, taste, sight, and hearing are collectively called __________ special senses
Focusing the light rays involves which of the following? Change in the shape of the lens
The receptors for taste and smell are classified as __________. Chemoreceptors
If a patient is having difficulty with __________, a deficiency of vitamin A might be a factor Night Vision
The division of cranial nerve VIII carrying information from the maculae and crista is the __________ branch Vestibular
Which structure in the eye is associated with color blindness? Cones
What is the ability of the eye to focus specifically on close objects (those less than 20 feet away)? Accommodation
What part of the retina contains only cones and is the area of greatest visual acuity? fovea centralis
The optic disc marks the __________. exit of the optic nerve NII
The maculae of the vestibule record __________ whereas the crista of the semicircular ducts record __________. static equilibrium; dynamic equilibrium
This part of the eye is also known as the "white of the eye." Sclera
The __________ is considered an accessory structure of the eye Eyelid
The term for nearsightedness is __________ myopia
The term for farsightedness is __________. hyperopia
Within the membranous labyrinth of the cochlea is the primary organ of hearing. It is called the __________ and contains the hair cells associated with hearing organ of Corti
A delicate membrane that lines the eyelids and covers part of the outer surface of the eyeball is called the __________. conjunctiva
A division of cranial nerve VIII, the __________ nerve is vital to the sense of hearing Cochlear
The transparent anterior portion of the fibrous layer is the __________. Cornea
The cells that are responsible for olfaction are __________. ciliated neuroepithelial cells
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