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094- BONES

The sagittal suture is located between the __________ and __________ bones Left parietal, right parietal
Blood cell formation called __________ occurs within the marrow of certain bones Hematopoiesis
The coronoid process, olecranon process, and trochlear notch are all found on the ______ Ulna
The hard palate is composed of the __________ and __________ bones Maxillary; palatine
The pectoral girdle is composed of the following structures scapula and clavicle
The femur is an example of this category of bone Long bone
In an osteon, bone cells are arranged in concentric circles around longitudinal tubes called Haversian Canals
Twiddling your thumbs utilizes which type of joint? Saddle
Which of the following are paired bones found in the cranium Parietal and temporal
The skeletal system is subdivided into the axial and the __________ skeleton Appendicular
The __________ is an important cranial landmark, as it houses the pituitary gland Sella turcica
The metacarpophalangeal joints are examples of which type of synovial joint, based on shape Condyloid joints
The __________ bones form the lateral portion of the eye orbits, are lateral to the nose, and articulate with the maxillae Zygomatic
The glenoid cavity is located where the __________. Humerus articulates with the scapula
Which structure is contained within the lacuna of living bone? Osteocyte
The cell type that is responsible for basic bone formation is the __________. Osteoblast
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