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Fin 122 Midterm 1a

Financial Institutions and Markets Ch. 1

Bid-Ask Spread The fee charged by a broker.
Bonds Long term debt obligations issued by corporations and government agencies to support their operations.
Broker A person or institution executing securities transactions between two parties.
Capital Market A market that facilitates the flow of long-term funds.
Dealer A person making a market in specific securities by adjusting his inventory of securities.
Derivative Securities Financial contracts whose values are derived from the values of underlying assets.
Financial Market A market in which financial assets (securities)can be bought or sold.
Liquidity The degree to which securities can easily be sold without a loss of value.
Money Market A market that facilitates the flow of short term funds with maturities of less than one year.
Money Market Mutual Fund A mutual fund concentrating in money market securities.
Organized Exchange A visible market place for secondary market transactions.
Over The Counter (OTC) Market A telecommunications network facilitating financial market transactions.
Perfect Market A market in which all information about any securities for sale in primary and secondary markets is continuously and freely available to investors.
Primary Market A market that facilitates the issuance of new securities.
Privatization The sale of government owned firms to individuals.
Secondary Market A market that facilitates the trading of existing securities.
Stocks Certificates representing partial ownership in a firm.
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