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Raymond Carver's "Cathedral"

How did the Narrator's wife meet Robert (the blind man)? Worked for him previously "read to the blind"
Before she left his employment, Robert asked the wife if he could do what? Feel her face.
How did the wife and the blind man keep in contact through the years? Sending audio tapes back and forth.
The wife very often wrote what when significant events happened in her life? Poems
What is the narrator's wife's name? Never named
The wife's first husband was an officer who moved around often, what dramatic event did this cause the wife to do? Attempt suicide
Why was the blind man visiting the wife? The blind man's wife had just passed away.
Upon hearing the name "Beulah" - what did the narrator infer? She was black
What did Robert leave in the coffin with his wife? Half a peso
After dinner the characters smoked cannabis, had Robert ever smoked before? No
Why did the narrator think Beulah's life was pitiful being married to Robert? Couldn't receive a compliment from her husband
Why did the wife stop participating in the conversation that evening? Fell asleep on the couch
After their discussion on Cathedrals and God, what did the blind man request of the narrator? Thick paper and a pen
What name does the Robert call the Narrator? Bub
What name does Robert call the wife? My Dear
How many TV's does the blind man have? Three
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