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What are the characteristics of fungi? Stationary Heterotrophic Eukaryotic Unicellular (yeast) Multicellular
What is the morphology of fungi? Fruiting body above ground reproductive produces spores in favorable conditions Mycellum underground makes up bulk of orgnanism netlike mass from branching hyphae structural unit of fungus multicellular thread like filament
How do fungi obtain nutrition? release digestive enzymes, then absorbs nutrients
How are fungi classified by nutrition? parasitic absorb nutrients from cells of host organism (live) predatory mycelia traps prey mutualistic have mutualistic relations with plants/protists saprobial feeds on dead organisms or organic waste decomposers
How are fungi classified? by reproduction and fruiting body structure Fungi Imperfecti Chytrids Zygospore Fungi Sac Fungi Club Fungi
How do fungi reproduce Sexual Asexual spore production budding (smaller cell develops attached to parent cell then breaks off) fragmentation (mycelium breaks off and forms another individual)
What is the characteristics of fungi imperfecti? Asexual soy sauce + cheese diverse Penicillium moldy fruit antibiotic penicillin
What are the characteristics of Chytrids mostly unicellular mostly aquatic spores have flagella
What are the characteristics of Zygospore Fungi? Multicellular Mostly terrestrial common mould on food left out
Sac Fungi largest group form finger-like sacs during sexual reproduction breaks down wood and bone for food includes single-celled yeast
Club Fungi grow on lawns and puffballs underground hyphae is largest part of fungus centre of the circle is where the mycelium begins and expands outwards
Lichens aka composite organisms fungi+photosynthetic organism important as a food source for natural dye for litmus paper
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