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LE Human Reproductio

Human Reproduction Unit

1. Reproduction process by which organisms produce new organisms of the same type
2. Development the changes that occur from the fertilized egg to a complete individual by the processes of mitosis & differentiation of cells
3. Fertilization the process that combines a sperm cell and an egg cell and restores full complement of chromosomes
4. Implantation process of embryo attaching to uterine wall
5. Testes male reproductive organ that produces sperm & testosterone
6. Scrotum sac that holds the testes; located outside body cavity
7. seminiferous tubules tightly coiled tube that lies alongside each testis in the scrotum where sperm is produced
8. epididymis coiled tube (comma shaped tube) that lies alongside each testis in the scrotum and stores mature sperm cells
9. penis- male organ that delivers sperm during intercourse
10. semen transportation fluid composed of sperm and fluids made by male glands as well as fructose
11. ovary female organ that releases egg and produces hormones estrogen and progesterone
12. fallopian tubules -- provides path that egg travels from ovary to uterus; site of fertilization
13. uterus organ with muscular walls where fetus develops, protected & nourished
14. cervix structure found at the base of uterus, connecting uterus to vagina; provides an opening between uterus and vagina for baby to be born
15. vagina muscular, tube shaped organ also known as birth canal; provide path from uterus to outside world
16. ovulation the release of egg from the ovary
ovum mature egg
18. zygote fertilized egg (conjoined sperm & egg)
19. blastula hollow ball of cells
20. morula solid ball of cells, same size as zygote
21. endometrium lining of the uterus
22. amnion fluid surrounding fetus in utero
23. chorion contributes to formation of placenta
24. gastrula 3 germ layers formed from blastula
25. mesoderm middle layer of gastrula; forms reproductive system, kidneys, muscle, bones, skin, blood & blood vessels
26. endoderm outer layer of gastrula; forms nervous, skin, sweat glands
27. ectoderm inner layer of gastrula; lungs, liver, lining of digestive organs
28. cleavage mitotic division of cells (24816…)
29. gonads sex organs (testes and ovaries)
30. gametes sex cells (eggs and sperm)
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