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Chemicals anatomy

What elements make up 96% of our body mass? O, C, H, N
Name 9 lesser chemicals in the body Ca, P, K, S, Na, Cl, Mg, I, Fe
Atomic number Number of protons
Atomic mass Protons and neutrons
What element doesn't have a neutron Hydrogen
Isotope Additional neutrons
A isotope producing energy Radioisotope
What is a protien held together by Peptide bond
What acid is mainly in a protien Amino
What makes something organic Carbon
What is HER most common type of bond Covalent
Acids Chemicals that release hydrogen quickly
What is the chemical make up of a carb CH(2)O
What kind of carb is too large to pass through cell membranes Disaccharides
pH The negative log of H (M per liter)
What carb contains 3-7 C? Monosaccharids
The most dehydrated carb Polysaccharides
Examples of a polysaccaride Starch and glycogen
Chemical make up in lipids CHO
Are lipids soluble No
Main types of lipids Neutral fats(triglycerides), phosopholipids, steroid
What kind of lipid is in blood Triglycerides (neutral fats)
What kind of bond is in an unsaturated acid? 1 or more double
Saturated Maximum number of H, no double bonds
Chemical of protien C, H, O, N
Name four different types of tissue Muscular, Connective, Epithial, Neural
Four different types of connective tissue Proper, Bones, Cartilage, Blood
What are two subcategories of proper connective tissue Loose and dense
What are the three subcategories of loose proper connective tissue Reticular, Adipose, Arolean
What are the two types of dense proper connective tissue Regular and irregular
What are two subcategories of bone connective tissue Compact and spongy
What are the three types of cartilage connective tissue Hyaline, fibro, elastic
What are the three kinds if muscle tissue? Skeletal, cardiac, smooth
Adipose Fat
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