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Ch. 14 & 15

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Chart showing the pattern of inheritance of a trait through generations in a family Pedigree
Repeated section of a chromsome Duplication
Structural rearrangement of a chromosome in which part of the DNA becomes oriented in the reverse direction Inversion
Structural change in a chromosome in which a broken piece gets reattached to the wrong location Translocation
Segment of DNA that can move spontaneously within or between chromosomes Transposable Element
Having too many or too little copies of a particular chromosome Aneuploid
Failure of sister chromatids or homologous chromosomes to separate during nuclear division Nondisjunction
Having 3 or more of each type of chromosome characteristic of the species Polyploid
A DNA molecule that accepts foreign DNA and be replicated inside a host cell Cloning Vector
A DNA material that contains genetic material from more than one organism Recombinant DNA
An enzyme that cuts DNA at a specific nucleotide sequence Restriction Enzyme
Collection of cells that host different fragments of foreign DNA, often representing an organism's entire genome DNA Library
The entire genetic material of an organism Genome
Method that rapidly generates many copies of a specific section of DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction
Short fragment of DNA labeled with a tracer; designed to hybridize with a nucleotide of interest. Probe
Technique that separates DNA fragments by size Electrophoresis
Primary structure of a macromolecule Sequencing
Identifying an individual by analyzing the unique parts of his or her DNA DNA Profiling
One nucleotide sequence variation carried by a measurable percentage of a population Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism
Process by which deliberate changes are introduced into an individual's genome. Genetic Engineering
An organism that has been modified genetically Genetically Modified Organism
A GMO that carries the gene(s) of a different species Transgenic
Treating a genetic defect/disorder by replacing it with a normal or modified gene Gene Therapy
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