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Norwegian 2

a chair en stol
a lamp en lampe
a floor et gulv
a table et bord
a house et hus
a tree et tre (pl: trær)
a bed en seng
where hvor
in i
to stand (present) står
to sit (present) sitter
to lie (down) (present) ligger
a mirror et speil
to hang (present) henger
a wall en vegg
here her
there der
under under
above over
a picture et bilde
a shop en butikk
by ved
behind bak
in front of foran
between mellom
next to ved siden av
of av
since siden
a nature en natur
a border en grense
inside inne
down nede
ground bakke
to live (animal - present) lever
up oppe
out ute
hills bakker
a visit et besøk
at hos
home hjemme
Norway Norge
among blant
to live (person - present) bor
a visitor en besøkende
with us hos oss
with med
outside utenfor
a café en kafé
beyond bortenfor
within innenfor
past nedenfor
my noun OR mine (the noun) min/mi/mitt OR mitt
your noun OR yours (the noun) din/di/ditt OR ditt
his noun OR his (the noun) sin/si/sit OR hans
her noun OR hers (the noun) sin/si/sitt OR hennes
to belong to (present) tilhører
to own (present) eier
a dress en kjole
a shirt en skjorte
a sweater en genser
to wear (present) har på seg
a hat en hatt
a shoe en sko
clothes klær
a jacket en jakke
a suit en dress
a skirt et skjørt
a pair of pants en bukse
a cap en lue
a sock en sokk
a button en knapp
a coat en frakk
a belt et belte
a scarf et skjerf
a tie et slips
a pocket en lomme
a glove en hanske
to walk (present) går
to run (present) løper
to til
from fra
to there dit
to leave/go (present) drar
to here hit
a pool et basseng
after etter
against mot
forward frem
back tilbake
to swim (present) svømmer
through gjennom
a window et vindu
to set (present) setter
to fly (present) flyr
to go to bed (present) legger seg
to sit down (present) setter seg ned
straight rett
into inn i
around rundt
along langs
by (past) forbi
hereabouts her omkring
to exit (present) går ut
without uten
of (possessive) (definite form) til
too many for mange
for for
to take off tar av seg
except unntatt
across from overfor
with (help of) ved hjelp av
sake skjyld
instead of i stedet for
big store
warm varm/varmt/varme
cold kald/kaldt/kalde
very veldig
pretty pent/pene
new nytt/nye
good godt/gode
glad glad/glade
young unge
bad dårlig
small lille/liten//små
open åpent/åpne
old gammel/gamle
easy enkel/enkelt
nice fine
difficult vanskelig
much too altfor
long lang/langt
whole hel/helt
for (dinner) til
important viktig
safe trygt/trygge
boring kjedelig/kjedelige
interesting interessant
really warm kjempevarmt
short kort/korte
equal lik/likt/like
different forskjellige
clean rent/rene
beautiful vakker/vakre
dirty skitne
heavy tunge
perfect perfekt/perfekte
expensive dyr/dyre
light lett/lette
0-4 null, ett, to, tre, fire
5-9 fem, seks, sju, åtte, ni
10 ti
halves halve
possible mulig
empty tomt
cheap billig
ordinary vanlig
full fullt
strange rar
great flott
right riktig
drunk full
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