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1. Kenalkan

Keren 1 Chapter 1

amerika america
apakah question indicator (yes/no)
australia australia
ayah father
ayo come on
bagaimana how
baik good
becak rickshaw
benar true/that's right
bernama having the name of ___________
bertemu to meet
besok tomorrow
bukan false/incorrect/no
bus bus
kota city
cina china
dan and
dengan with
di in/at (a place)
dia he/she
hai hi
indonesia indonesia
inggris english
ini this
italia italy
itu that
jepang japan
jerman germany
juga also
kamu you
kanada canada
malaysia malaysia
mari kita let's
mobil car
nama name
nanti later
orang person/people
perancis france
pulang to go home
rumah house
saya i/me/my
sekali very
sekolah school
senang happy
singapura singapore
tahun year
tas bag
teman friend
tidak no/not
tinggal to live/stay
umur age
warung roadside stall
ya yes
Created by: nsodhi