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Chapter 3 Key Terms

Community Dental Health I

Assessment A core public health function that includes the regular and systematic collection, assemblage, and analysis of data and communication regarding the oral health of the community.
Epidemiology The study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states and events in specified populations and the application of this study to the control of health problems.
Host Factors Factors that affect a host's (a person's, an animal's, or a plant's) susceptibility and resistance to disease.
Agent Factors Biologic or mechanical means of causing disease, illness, injury, or disability, including microbial, parasitic, viral, and bacterial pathogens or vectors; physical or mechanical irritants; chemicals; drugs; trauma; automobiles; and radiation.
Enviromental Factors Physical, sociocultural, sociopolitical, and economic components that interact with host and agent.
Determinants of Health Factors that interact to create circumstances and produce specific health conditions' can be classified as a physical (environmental), biologic, behavioral, social, cultural, and spiritual.
Mandala of Health Hancock's model of health of the human ecosystem.
Planning Cycle A model commonly used in public health practice that provides a basic flowchart of steps in the process to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate.
Community Oral Health Assessment A multifaceted process of identifying factors that affect the oral health
Community Profile A comprehensive description of the community, including items such as population size, geographic boundaries, community type, and physical conditions.
Data Collection The process of gathering the information that can be used by the community to make decisions and set priorities.
Quantitative Data Information that is objective and measurable; can be expressed in a quantity or amount (such as the number of children with dental sealants or the rate of dental caries in young children).
Qualitative Data Information that reflects the quality or nature of things that cannot be numerically measured or analyzed.
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