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Midterm Review

This study stack was created to help you study for the midterm 2015-2016.

A scientist was asked to present his  research at a national  conference.  What step of the scientific method  is the scientist performing at  the conference? He is communicating his results.
Researchers are conducting an experiment. They have already researched their topic  and identified their question to study. If following the scientific method, what is the  next step the researchers should do? Form a hypothesis
Which part of the cell is considered to be "selectively permeable"  because it allows certain  molecules to enter or leave the  cell? The cell membrane
Which cell organelle helps  break down food molecules  to release energy? The mitochondria
The green food-making structures within plant cells are called... Chloroplasts
Twenty years after M.J. Schleiden  and Theodor Schwann published  separate conclusions on the cell  theory, Rudolf Virchow proposed that — cells form only from pre-existing cells.
As the leaf absorbs the energy  from the sun, it produces glucose.  Glucose can also be  referred to as — sugar
What process does the chemical  equation below represent? CO2+H2O+light→C6H12O6+O2 Photosynthesis
What are the products of photosynthesis? Glucose and oxygen
What are the reactants of photosynthesis? carbon dioxide, water and sunlight
What are the products of respiration? carbon dioxide, water and ATP Energy
What are the reactants of respiration? Glucose and oxygen
James is conducting an  experiment to test the  effect of insecticides  on frogs. What is the control  group in his experiment? The frogs without insecticide.
Created by: jstauffer