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ASL Study

List the four sign parameters 1. hand shape, 2.movement, 3. location, 4. palm orientation.
List ways to get a deaf person's attention. tap on shoulder, tap on table, stomp of floor, filker the lights.
List ways NOT to get a deaf person's attention. yell as loud as you can, sign when they are signing, wave in front of face.
Appropriate ways to use fingerspelling when signing names, places, brands, towns, to add empathize, and if you don't know the sign.
What do with your eyebrows in a Y/N question? lift eyebrows.
What do with your eyebrows in a wh-question? furrow eyebrows.
What is American Sign Language (ASL) A language capable of expressing abstract ideas and a language utilizing space and movement to convey meaning.
Historically, American Sign Language is related to French Sign Language
American Sign Language is used by most Deaf people in which of the following countries? United states and Canada
Approximately what percent of Deaf people who marry are married to other Deaf people? 90 percent
American Sign Language is traditionally handed down from generation to generation through what? Residential schools for the Deaf
The role of facial expressions, head movements, and eye gaze in American Sign Language is primarily what ? grammatical
While watching another person sign, it is appropriate to focus on the signer's face
Among ASL signers, fingerspelling is mainly used in what ways To give names to people and places
American Sign Language makes use of the space in front of a signer's body to do what? Convey distance, contrast two people, places, things or ideas, and express time concepts.
To get the attention of a Deaf person who is looking the other way what should do what? tap him/het on the shoulder
If your path is blocked by two signers conversing with each other what should you do? go ahead and walk through
Which of following are considered rube by Deaf people? watching a signed conversion and/or talking (using voice) in the presence of deaf people.
In general, the least effective communication strategy between Deaf and hearing people is what? Speech and lipreading
list all that is valued in the Deaf community? for community to govern their own affairs, being kept informed about the community and its members, to have a sense of social obligation and duty to the group, and to develop long term relationships.
what slang names do deaf people DON'T like to be called Deaf and dumb, dead mutes, hearing impaired, deaf and hard of hearing.
What percentage of deaf children have hearing parent san visa versa. 90 percent
How many Americans have hearing loss and hi many are profoundly deaf? 35 million, 35,000 are profoundly deaf.
who established the first deaf university and when was it built? Reverend Thomas Gallaudet founded Gallaudet University in 1864.
who was Alexander Grand bell and what milestones did he accomplish for the deaf? Bell was a huge opponent in oralism when teaching deaf children. Bell began to teach speech to deaf students using a universal alphabet invented by his father called “Visible Speech.”
Why was ASL outlawed in the 1800 hundreds? Because people believed that Deaf people where born with a curse and they thought the only way to cure it
What is limit for someone to learn a language? past 7 years old
What is the form of communication abbreviated as TC? Total Communication
most deaf people consider cochlear implants to be a form of what? A form of culture genocide.
List the 4 areas of the hearing scale and where the speech banana is? it goes top to bottom normal, mil, serve, and profound. The Speech banana is in-between mild and serve.
What do hearing aids do compared to cochlear implants? Hearing aids enhance your hearing, the cochlear implant let the fluid out of your ear and give you hearing through elctro-magnetism.
What is the earliest age that a child can get a cochlear implant? 10 months old.
When signing, which part if the face is considered masculine and which part of the face is considered feminine? The northern part of face is considered masculine, and the southern part of the face is considered feminine.
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