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Nervous/Endocrine 2

All the vocabulary for Level 2 of the Nervous system & Endocrine system menu.

Neuron "a nerve cell, found throughout the body. they consist of 3 parts (axon, dendrite, cell body)"
axon the tail of a neuron that carries an impulse away from the cell body
dendrite the branches on the cell body of a neuron that receive messages from other neurons
synapse the small gap (space) between one neuron and the next neuron
neurotransmitter "special chemicals that carry an impulse across the synapse, from one neuron to another (from the end of the axon, across the synapse, to the dendrites of the next neuron)"
vertebrae "a series of bones that protect the spinal cord, running down the back"
testosterone "a hormone that mainly controls the development of male sexual traits such as facial hair, pubic hair and the production of sperm"
estrogen "a hormone that regulates the female reproductive cycle, and also controls the development of female sexual traits such as breast development and pubic hair"
progesterone a hormone that helps regulate female sexual traits
insulin a hormone secreted by the pancreas that helps the body to control the amount of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream
negative feedback "the process used by the endocrine system to keep internal conditions within set limits. When things go too far one way, your body reacts and does something to push it the other way."
pancreas "a gland that produces insulin, to help stabilize blood sugar levels in the bloodstream"
ovary "female reproductive organs, which produce estrogen & progesterone"
testes "male reproductive organs, which produce testosterone"
cerebrum "the largest part of the brain, where thinking takes place and memories are stored"
cerebellum "the part of the brain that controls coordination, balance, and voluntary muscle movements"
medulla (brain stem) "the part of the brain that controls involuntary activities such as breathing, heartbeat, sneezing, swallowing, etc."
electrochemical "a combination of electricity & chemicals that help move messages from one neuron to another – electric along the axon, chemical (neurotransmitters) to jump the synapse"
skull the bone that protects the brain
vertebrae the stack of bones that protect the spinal cord
Created by: OMSscience8