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Chapter 3 Voc. terms

Personal Resources techniques and skills that we use to express ourselves emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically.
Aesthetic Perception insight into our world of images, sound, color, patterns, forms, and movements.
Dramatic Play children’s creation of scenes when they play “pretend”.
Imagination the power to create ideas and pictures in our minds.
Concentration The ability to focus and pay close attention.
Observation the power of seeing and talking notice.
Sensory Awareness the ability to use sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste to become conscious of the environment.
Movement the ability to transform ideas into actions.
Visualizing the act of imagining and seeing pictures in the mind.
Point of View a position from which we perceive (understand) an object, person, or place.
Rhythmic Movement the ability to move to a beat or pattern of beats.
Choreography The art of planning and composing a dance.
Expressive Movement the ability to express feelings through physical action.
Motivation an inner drive that causes a person to act a certain way.
Emotions strong feelings, such as joy, fear, hate, and happiness.