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BIO 201

Lab #1 Objectives

Hair. Skin. Nails Integumentary System
Bones. Joints. Skeletal System
Skeletal muscles. Muscular System
Brain. Spinal cord. Nerves. Nervous System
Pineal gland. Pancreas. Hypothalamus. Pituitary gland. Thyroid gland. Thymus gland. Adrenal glands. Testes. Ovaries. Endocrine System
Blood vessels. Heart. Cardiovascular System
Tonisls. Lymphnodes. Thymus. Spleen. Lymphatic vessels. Lymphatic System
Nasal cavity. Larynx. Pharynx. Trachea. Lungs. Respiratory System
Mouth. Salivary glands. Esophagus. Liver. Stomach. Gallbladder. Pancreas. Large & Small intestines. Digestive System
Kidneys. Ureters. Urinary bladder. Urethra. Urinary System
Prostate gland. Ductus deferens. Testis. Penis Male Reproductive System
Mammary glands. Uterine tube. Ovary. Uterus. Vagina Female Reproductive System
Feet shoulder width apart, palms forward Anatomical Position
Up. Superior.
Down. Inferior
Front Anterior (ventral)
Back Posterior (dorsal)
Middle Medial
Further away from middle Lateral
Closer to origin Proximal
Away from origin Distal
open like book. coronal. Frontal Plane
Cut into left & right side Sagittal Palne
Top & bottom. Inferior & superior. Transverse Plane
cranial & vertebral cavities Dorsal cavity
right & left pleural cavities. mediastinum. Thoracic Cavity
right lung right plueral cavity
left lung left plueral cavity
seperates thoracic & abdominal cavities Diaphragm
space around the heart Pericardial cavity
esophagus. trachea. heart & vessels. thymus. Mediastinum
stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, adrenal glands Abdominal cavity
reproductive organs, colon, urinary bladder, rectum Pelvic cavity
abdominal & pelvic cavities Abdominopelvic cavity
right region under chest wall Right Hypochondriac region
left region under chest wall Left Hypochondriac Region
Area above stomach Epigastric Region
area under stomach Hypogastric region
bellybutton area Umbillical region
under lumbar Iliac region (right/ left)
Created by: kncarpenter