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Review for Test

In regard to natural selection, what is a likely reason a species of bird would have a longer beak than other similar species? The longer beak is an adaptation to the food available in the bird’s habitat.
Webbed feet in frogs are an example of: Adaptation
How can the farmers use selective breeding to increase milk production? By choosing cows that are high milk producers
Does asexual reproduction result in a varied or uniform population? A Uniform population.
Does sexual reproduction result in a greater or lesser chance of survival? A greater chance of survival.
A variation in the beaks of Finches on the Galapagos Islands is due to: Natural Selection.
What makes selective breeding different from natural selection? Selective breeding is a controlled process influenced by humans.
If an organism that reproduces asexually by regrowing each piece of itself when cut, will the new organisms be identical or different from the original? They will be identical to the original organism.
What is not an example of an adaptation that helps organisms attract a mate? Hollow bones in birds, Bright, colorful feathers, Sweet-smelling, colorful flowers or Doing a complicated mating dance Hollow bones in birds.
What physical feature of giraffes demonstrates natural selection? Their long necks which allow them to eat leaves from tall trees.
Why would a dark-colored moth have a better chance of survival than a light-colored moth on a dark tree? The dark moth is harder to see.
What process would a dairy farmer use to get cows that produce more milk? The dairy farmer would use selective breeding.
What is one disadvantage of asexual reproduction? All the members of a population are genetically very similar and less able to survive environmental changes.
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