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demographic transition movement of a nation from high population growth to low population growth, as it develops economically
demographic trap situation that occurs when falling living standards reinforce the prevailing high fertility, which in turn reinforces the decline in living standards
demographic fatigue condition characterized by lack of financial resources and an inability to deal effectively with threats such as natural catastrophes and disease outbreaks
population policy any planned course of action taken by a govt. designed to influence its constituents’ choices or decisions on fertility or migration
pronatalist policy policy that encourages increased fertility, higher birth rate, and larger family size
antinatalist policy policy that encourages lower fertility, a lower birth rate, and a smaller family size
family planning encompasses wide variety of measures enable parents 2 ctrl the # of kids they have & spacing of their kid’s births; includes education in human sexuality, hygiene, prenatal and postnatal care, and preconception and post conception birth control measures
abortion termination of pregnancy after the embryo has become implanted in the lining of the uterine wall
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