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BAMS - 3rd Qtr Cor

accord to bring into agreement, to be in harmony; to agree
accordion a portable musical wind instrument with a bellows, metallic reeds, and keys, played by pressing the keys and the bellows to force air through the reeds
accordion folding or hinged to fold
discord lack of agreement, disagreement of opinions and aims; dissension
discord a clashing of sounds; a harsh or unpleasing sound
concord agreement; harmony, treaty
concordance an alphabetical list of the principal words in a book or in the works of an author with references to the passages in which they occur
courage meeting danger without fear; bravery, fearlessness
cordial warm and friendly in manner; hearty, sincere
cordial food, drink, or medicine that strengthens or stimulates
encourage give courage, hope, or confidence to; urge on; stimulate by helping or showing approval; support, promote the development of, foster
discourage lessen the courage or confidence of; try to prevent by disapproving; dissuade; prevent or hinder
record set down in writing so as to keep for future use; put in some permanent form
record anything written or kept; an official account of a meeting, document
record a thin, flat disk, usually of vinyl or other plastic with narrow groves on which sound has been transcribed
record to put words, music, or sounds on a disk or on magnetic tape
coroner official of a local government whose principal function is to in quire in the presence of a jury into the cause of any death not clearly due to natural causes
core the hard central part, containing the seeds of fruits like apples and pears
core the central of most important part
core the central or innermost portion of the earth, below the mantel
core to take the center or core of
COR heart or center
prefix - ac to or toward
prefix - dis lack of or opposite of
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