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Bio Standard B.10(B)

describe the interactions that occur among systems that perform the functions...

Interactions mutual or reciprocal action or influence
Systems a group of organs that work together to perform an important function of the body
Transport The act or means of moving molecules or ions across (cell membrane) or through (bloodstream)
Reproduction young seedling trees in a forest
Response the activity or inhibition of previous activity of an organism or any of its parts resulting from stimulation
Epidermal cell any of the cells making up the epidermis
Guard cell One of the paired epidermal cells that control the opening and closing of a stoma in plant tissue.
Stomata a minute opening in leaves, stems, etc., through which gases are exchanged.
Cellular reproduction The process of a cell splitting and becoming two similar cells.
Xylem vascular plant tissue that transports water and dissolved minerals away from the roots throughout the plant and is composed of vessel elements and tracheids.
Phototropism a tropism in which light is the orienting stimulus
Geotropism (Botany) the response of a plant part to the stimulus of gravity. Plant stems, which grow upwards irrespective of the position in which they are placed.
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