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Drugs part 1

Antiarrhythmics Anticaogulants Antihyperlipidemics Antihypertensives Vasodilator

Antiarrhythmics procainamide Procan SR and pronestyl
Antiarrhythmics digoxin Lanoxin
Antiarrhythmics metoprolol Lopressor
other Antiarrhythmics dysopyramide mexiletine amiodarone
Anticoagulants (-in) heparin Lovenox
Anticoagulants (-in) warfarin Coumadin
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) cholestyramine Questran
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) lovastatin Mevacor
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) fenofibrate Tricor
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) atorvastatin Lipitor
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) simvastatin Zocor
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) gemfibrozil Lopid
Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) Colestipol Colestid
other Antihyperlipidemics (-statin) niacin
Hypertensives (-pril) enalapril Vasotec
Hypertensives (-pril) fosinopril Monopril
Hypertensives (-pril) lisinopril Zestril
Hypertensives (-pril) captopril Capoten
Hypertensives (-pril) clonidine Catapres
Hypertensives (-pril) methyldopa Aldoril
Vasodilators isosorbide Imdur
Vasodilators hydralazine Apresoline
other Vasodilators phentolamine minoxidil prazosin nitroglycerin
Beta Blockers (-lol) proranolol Inderal
Beta Blockers (-lol) atenolol Tenormin
Beta Blockers (-lol) metroprolol Lopressor
Beta Blockers (-lol) timolol Betimol
other Beta Blockers (-lol) carredilol
Calcium Chanel Blockers (-pine) amlodipine Norvasc
Calcium Chanel Blockers (-pine) diltiazem Cardizem
Calcium Chanel Blockers (-pine) nifedipine Procardia
Calcium Chanel Blockers (-pine) verapamil Calan
Antacids (-tidine) famotidine Pepcid AC
Antacids (-tidine) ranitidine Zantac
Antacids (-tidine) nizatidine Axid
Antacids (-tidine) cimetidine Tagamet
Proton pump inihibitors (PPIs) (-zole) lansoprazole Prevacid
Proton pump inihibitors (PPIs) (-zole) omeprazole Prilosec
Proton pump inihibitors (PPIs) (-zole) esomeprazole Nexium
Proton pump inihibitors (PPIs) (-zole) sucralfate Carafate
Antiemetics (antinausea) (-setron) metoclopramide Regian
other Antiemetics (antinausea) (-setron) Brand names Compazine Tigan Pepto-Bismol
other Antiemetics (antinausea) (-setron) generic granisetron dolasetron ondansetron tropisetron palonosetron domeperidone scopolamine
antihistamine (antiallergy) (-zine) meclizine Bonine
antihistamine (antiallergy) (-zine) promethazine Phenergan
other antihistamine (antiallergy) (-zine) brand Dramamine
other Diuretics generic hydrochlorothiazide
Diuretics furosemide Lasix
Diuretics spironolactone Aldactone