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Crazy English Sentence

The doors of wisdom are never shut. --Benjamin Franklin 智慧之门永远不会关闭!
She is a piece of work She is too much! She's unbelievable! 她是一个很麻烦的人。
You're very ungrateful. 你忘恩负义!
Let's get this done. 让我们完成这个工作。
She's driving me crazy! 她快把我搞疯了。
How is your day? 今天过得如何?
You make me sick. 你让我恶心。
Don't be too hard on him! 不要对他那么苛刻。
You're not qualified for this position. 你不适合这个职位。
Are you having an affair with him?
You have no authority to make me leave!
You can say that again. 你说得太对了。
Don't interrupt me when I speak. 我说话的时候,请不要打岔。
Don't do anything to embarrass me. 不要做让我感到丢人的事情。
The memory is full on this camera.
I was thinking about starting my own company.
Get your head out of the clouds. 清醒一点!别做梦了!
You're so weak. 你太弱小了。
I know the company like the back of my hand.
What are you up to? 你在搞什么鬼?
You stay away from my family.
I had a long day. 今天好幸苦。
We met through a friend.
Something is not right. 有些不对劲。
I don't need you to protect me. 我不需要你保护我。
They all say the same thing.
You hold all the cards. 你占据主动地位。
You're so disrespectful.
I see no reason to change now.
Get your hands off me. 把手拿开。
Don't expect a great day; create one. 不要期待美好的一天,要去创造美好的一天!
Within You Is The Strength To Meet Life's Challenges! 面对生活挑战的力量就在你的心中
Life is full of challenges. The world is loaded with problems.Every day, every person has to face struggles and hardships. 生命充满了挑战。世界充满了问题。每一天,每个人都要面对挣扎和磨难。
You are always stronger than you think, remember to stand tall and never lose confidence. 你永远比你认为的自己更强大。记住一定要坚强,永远不要丧失信心。
Every challenge in your life helps you to grow and move forward. Be thankful for your challenges. 生活中的每一个挑战都在帮助你成长和前进。感激你所遇到的挑战。
Every problem you encounter strengthens your mind and your soul. Be grateful for your problems. 每一个你遇到的问题都让你的心智和灵魂更加强大。感激你所有的问题。
Every trouble you overcome increases your understanding of life. Appreciate and embrace your troubles. 每一个你所征服的磨难都将增加你对生活的理解。感激和拥抱你所有的磨难。
I'm not following you. 我听不懂你的话。
You made it worse. 你让事情变得更糟。
Don't ask foolish questions. 别问愚蠢的问题。
Are you satisfied? 你满意了吗?
I know what to expect. 我知道应该期望什么。
That's exactly what I need. 那正是我所需要的。
Don't take risks. 不要冒险。
I'm in. 我同意。我加入。
Where are you headed? 你去哪里?
Are you going to tell me what's going on? 你准备告诉我发生什么了吗?
I'm very curious. 我非常高兴。
I will find out. 我会调查。
I'm only interested in facts. 我只对事实感兴趣。
What do you have in mind? 你在想什么?
What's the lastest? 今天最新进展?
It's better that way. 那样更好。
I'm just glad you're doing OK. 你一切顺利,我很开心。
She is very passionate about her work. 她对工作非常热情。
I can't believe you did it. 我不敢相信,你做到了。
It turned out great. 结果非常棒!
The government is hunting you down. 政府正在抓你。
I'm crazy about his music. 我非常喜欢他的音乐。
This is a revolutionary method. 这是一个革命性的方法。
What am I supposed to do? 我应该做什么?
What's the difference? 有什么不同?
Do you work out? 你经常锻炼吗?
I want to treat you to dinner. 我想请你吃饭。
You need to watch your mouth. 你说话要注意点。
Let's make a deal. 让我们做个生意。
Passion is the key to success, and the most important skill in life is to learn how to turn your passion into a lucrative career. 激情是成功的关键;生活中最重要的技巧就是,学会如何把你的激情转化为一个盈利的职业。
Life is growth.If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead. 生命就是成长,如果我们停止了成长,无论从技术角度还是精神角度,我们与死亡无异。
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