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Theory Ch. 12, 14, 15 *Gaylor* TEST

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Combustible items should not be stored ______. near a heat source
Which of the following is not recommended when skip tracing a patient? Compel the patient to accept a collect call.
After turning an account over to the collection agency, the dental practice should continue to make every effort to collect the outstanding balance. If the patient pays the practice is under no obligation to pay the collection agency. Both statements are false.
Which of the following statements is false? The gender rule assigns primary coverage to the mother when secondary coverage for children is determined.
“telephone reminder” call should not be made _______. before 8 AM
An account aging report can be described as: an analysis of the length of time that has elapsed since a charge was made.
Of the following dental plans, which limits patients to a predetermined list of dentists? Managed, HMO, and EPO
You are placing a call to a patient who is more than 90 days past due on the account. The patient states, “Let me talk to the dentist, he is an old friend.” Which of the following should be your response? “The dentist has given me the responsibility of making the financial arrangements.”
What is the advantage of a computerized inventory management system in a small dental practice? By being directly linked to the database of a large supply house, a small dental practice has access to a much larger system for the management of inventory.
Credit card payments for dental services are considered to be a(n): cash payment.
Usual, customary, or reasonable charges include criteria that may be used to establish a fee schedule. A patient asks you to explain “reasonable fee.” Which of the following would be a proper explanation? Determination by a third party administrator that a particular service for a given procedure has been modified to take into consideration unusual complications
Which of the following statements is true? Open-ended questions are effective when a collection call is placed.
A patient is in need of an expensive dental procedure. He tells you that although it would be covered at 80% now, in 1 month, it will be covered at 90% when the new benefit year begins. You know that his insurance has: an incentive program.
A patient states that he has dental insurance through his employer and is also covered under his wife’s plan. He asks whether both plans can be used to cover the full amount of the treatment. You know that the term that describes this process is: coordination of benefits (COB).
An item placed on back order _______. is not available for shipping and will be sent at a later date
The dentist requested that you ask the sales representative the shelf life of a particular brand of x-ray film. You know that the dentist wants to acquire what information? Length of time the product will continue to meet the manufacturer’s specifications for use
Which method of payment sidesteps the insurance company by paying directly from a fund established by an employer? Direct reimbursement
A patient is being seen after a work-related accident in which several of his teeth were broken. How will his treatment be billed? Workers’ compensation
A new administrative dental assistant is learning to complete Ins. claims. She is processing a claim for a minor child who is covered under the parents’ employers. She asks whether you know which plan should be billed first. Using the Birthday Rule? The parent whose birthday comes first in the year is the primary insurance holder.
An ultimatum letter should be sent: registered mail with a return receipt.
Determining when to reorder involves two factors: rate of use and lead time. Which of the following statements defines lead time? Amount of time required for supplies to arrive at the office once the order has been placed
When the usual fee charged by the dental practice is higher than the fee established in a(n) _______, the difference between fees cannot be charged to the patient. fixed fee schedule
Which of the following is not one of the steps that should be followed when a shipment of supplies is accepted for the dental office? Prepare the payment from the submitted invoice.
A collection agency charges the dental practice _______ to take over the collection process. 30%-50% of the balance due
Where should copies of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) be filed? In a file for the month in which the claim was paid
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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