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What is the primary purpose of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)? Provides information on the hazards of chemicals used in the workplace
Maximum coverage can be described as: the total dollar amount an insurance company will pay during the year.
The dental practice’s _______ outlines established safety procedures, which must be followed by each employee. hazardous communication program
Fill in the blank: _______ is a series of reminders that payment is past due. The collection process
A tracking system _______. is used to differentiate between products that need to be ordered, that have been ordered, or that are on back order
Providing dental care under a common name with regional or national advertising Franchise Dentistry
The maximum amount paid for each procedure Allowable Charges
Time period when a dental benefits member can select his/her provider and type of coverage Open Enrollment
Dual coverage patients cannot receive payment for more than 100% of the covered benefit Nonduplication of Benefits
Billing dental benefits plans for higher-paying procedures than services actually performed Overcoding
Allowable services outlined by the third party dental benefits plan Covered Charges
A method of changing a reported benefits code to reflect a lower cost for the procedure Downcoding
Legal organization of dental practitioners who enter into contracts with dental benefits plans Individual Practice Association
Guaranteed dental coverage for 18 months after the loss of group benefit coverage Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
Company that produces the product/goods Manufacturer
Company that sells the products/goods Vendor
Company or person who uses the products/goods Consumer
Manufactured supplies and products that are identified by a registered trademark Brand name
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