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FLAVIN M140U3 Test

Dental Admin Forms

What is the most important reason why complete medical history is taken before dental treatment is provided? Careful review of medical history will alert the dentist to possible interactions between dental and medical treatment.
New patients should be instructed to arrive _______ early to complete paperwork if they are unable to complete the registration and medical history forms before arriving for their first appointment. 15 minutes
What is the major advantage of a loose leaf appointment book? New pages can be inserted for a smooth transition from year to year.
The dentist has told you that 5 units are needed to complete a procedure. What information do you need to schedule the appointment? Number of minutes in the unit (e.g., 10, 15)
If a mistake is made in the clinical record, what procedure should be followed to make the correction? Cross out the error with a single line, date and initial the error, and then write the correction information.
Which of the following is an appropriate way to inform a patient of an opening in the schedule when filling a cancellation from the call list? “We have rearranged tomorrow’s schedule and have an open appointment… are you available tomorrow afternoon at four?”
Which of the following is not key to maximizing scheduling efficiency? The amount of money collected and the extent of treatment provided on a daily basis
Fluoride treatments _____require follow-up appointments EXCEPT do not
The second step in the “art” of scheduling is: developing a process for monitoring and adjusting the schedule to meet the goals set by the team.
The obligation of the dentist to make reasonable arrangements for emergency care is outlined in which of the following documents? ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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