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Irish study

To help study for you Irish Christmas exam

Leadranach Boring
Leiscuil Lazy
I well remember that day Is maith is cuimhin liom an la sin
Clever Cliste
Especially Go hairithe
Gold medal Bonn óir
Cloudy Scammalach
Brave Cróga
Smoke Deatach
Thit se i laige He fainted
The party got out of control Chuaigh an coisir faoi smeacht
I rang (on the phone) Chuir me fios ar
Inncident Eachtra
Clean Glan
Being talked about I mbeal an pobail
Teip Fail
Rodheacair Difficult
Continuous assessment Meansúnú leanunach
Horse riding Marcíocht
Cricket Crúicead
Skiing Scíail
Golf Galf
Business studies Staidear gnó
PE Coirpoideachas
Eolaíocht Science
Chinese Sinis
Éalain Art
Laidin Latin
Technical graphics Liníocht teichniúil
Geography Tireolaíocht
Forgetful Dearmadach
Greedy Santach
Mifoighneach Impatient
Sona Content/happy
Dall Blind
Cuthail Shy
Dathuil Good looking
Bodhar Deaf
Eirmiúil Talented
Nervous Nirbhiseach
I called the emergency services Chuir mé fios ar an seirbísí éaigeandála
Le Luas leasrach At lightning speed
Bhi mo chroi i mo mbheal My heart was in my mouth
Coisir Party
Feasta Party
Dimigh se as radhar He disappeared
Bhí choisir faoin lanseol The party was in full swing
Bhí an gardai cuardach na haite The gardai were searching the place
Sin é mo séal creid é nó ná creid That's my story believe it or not
Greanmhar Funny
Cantalach Cranky
Teaghlach Family
Athair Dad
Mathair Mother
Paistí Children
Deirfiur Sister
Deirthair Brother
Mac Son
Iníon Daughter
Amharclann Theatre
Sraith scéal Tv series
Sium Interested
An tuath The country
Faoin tuath In the country
Cathair City
Maslach Insulting
Lá álainn a bhí ann It was a beautiful day
Bhí sceitimini orm I was excited
Bhí eagla an domhain orm I was frightened
Bhí ionadh an domhain orm I was surprised
Bhí me ag crith le heagla I was shaking with fear
Bhí me i dtribloid I was in trouble
Bhí an teach ina pheasach The house was a mess
Bhí na comharsana ag gearán faoin torann The neighbours were complaining about the noise
There was uproar in the house Bhi rira agus ruaille buaille sa teach
Dóite go talamh Burnt to the ground
Chodail me go samh an oiche sin I slept soundly that night
It was a dark night Bhí oiche dorcha a bhí ann
Buntáisí Disadvantage
Bog To move
Cabhrach Helpful
Cairdiúl Friendly
Fuinniúil Energetic
Ceanndána Stubborn
Glic Shy
Inquisitive fiosrach
Tall Ard
Loyal Dílis
Honest Macanta
association Baint
Sium Interested
Suburb Bruach bhaile
Semi detached house Teach scoite
Mná Women
Created by: Geroid



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