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Bio MT 2015

Terms from Bio Midterm 2015

Technology to engineer new type of bacteria genetic engineering
Wet mounts on microscopes are best for live speciums
Recently developed technology to help determine history of human ancestry DNA sequencing
Biology the study of life
Heredity The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called
theory A unifying explanation for a broad range of observations
Steps of Scientific method (5) observations, hypothesis, predictions, controlled testing, conclusions.
independent variable The variable in an experiment that you manipulate
dependent variable the one that is measured
cell basic unit of life
mutation results in new traits appearing in a species
reproduction The process by which organisms make more of their own kind is called
evolution All living things maintain a balance within their cells and the environment through this process
Mutations can be passed from generation to generation if they occur in sex cells.
7 properties of life made of cells, metabolism, reproduction, growth, response, homeostasis; DNA or RNA (very shortened - know what these mean!)
observation A scientist noticed that the number of salamanders in ponds in the Rocky Mountains was declining.
experiment/experimenting Scientific hypotheses are most often tested by the process of:
homeostasis All living things maintain a balance within their cells and the environment through the process of:
Cells are protected by: lipid bi-layer membrane
all living organisms are composed of cells
hypothesis (2 definitions) An educated guess OR testable possible explanation of an observation
genes a region of a chromosome that codes for a specific trait
Normal cells become cancer cells when they lose their ability to control their cell division, i.e. control mechanisms fail and the cells divide uncontrollably.
carcinogens Substances that are thought to cause cancer
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