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Head & Neck Anatomy

Final Test Review

What area is immediately posterior to the most distal tooth in the maxillary arch? Maxillary Tuberosity
In addition to the zygomatic bone, what bone also has a process that forms the other part of the zygomatic arch? Temporal Bone
What is the location of the articulation of the parietal bones and occipital bone? Lambdoidal Suture
What feature is located on the lateral surface of the mandible? External Oblique Line
The orbital apex is made up of the lesser wing o the sphenoid bone and Palatine Bone
Which structure is located or travels within the infratemporal fossa? Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery
The concavity on the anterior border of the coronoid process of the rams is the? Coronoid Notch
The hyoid bone is located how to the thyroid cartilage? Superior and Anterior
What structure forms the floor of the maxillary sinus? Alveolar process of the maxilla.
What process is located inferior and medial to the external acoustic meatus? Styloid Process
What bones and process form the hard palate? Horizontal Plates of the palatine bones and palatine processes of the maxillae.
What bony plates is perforated to allow the passage of the olfactory nerves for the sense of smell? Cribriform Plate of the ethmoid bone.
What bone forms the jugular foramen along with the jugular notch of the temporal bone? Occipital
Mandibular Symphysis Ridge where right and left mandibular processes fused together
The infraorbital foramen and canal are located in what bone? Maxillae.
What is a landmark of the sphenoid bone? Wing
What bone forms the superior and middle nasal conchae? Ethmoid
The origin of the frontal belly of the epicranial muscle and the insertion of its occipital belly are at the Epicranial Aponeurosis
The origin of the muscle is the muscle end attached to the least movable structure
What muscles unite medially, forming the floor of the mouth? Mylohyoid
What muscle group depresses the hyoid? Infrahyoid muscles
What muscle group elevates the hyoid bone and depresses the mandible? Supra hyoid Muscles
What muscle can make the patients oral vestibule more shallow? Mentalis
What muscles contracts to cause a frown? Depressor angel oris muscle
List the 6 cranial bones Ethmoid, Frontal, Occipital, Parietal, Sphenoid, Temporal
What two cranial bones are paired? Parietal and Temporal
List the 6 facial bones Inferior nasal conchae, lacrimal, mandible, maxillae, vomer, zygomatic
What 4 facial bones are paired? Inferior nasal conchae, lacrimal, maxillae, zygomatic
What 6 bones make up the orbit? Frontal, ethmoid, lacrimal, zygomatic, sphenoid, and palatine
T/F Ankyloglossia is a condition which may affect speech because tongue movement is restricted due to the lingual frenum being attached too far anterior in the oral cavity? True
T/F If paralysis occurs because of stroke, bells palsy, or head trauma the paralysis is not permanent and has a chance to heal? True
What muscle is not attached to the hyoid bone? Sternothyroid Muscle
What muscle raises each corner of the lips to contribute to a smile? Zygomaticus Major Muscle
What intraoral landmark is closet to the mylohyoid muscle? Internal Oblique Ridge of Mandible
What muscle inserts onto the coronoid process of the mandible? Temporalis Muscle
Insertion Where the muscle attaches to the most movable bone or structure
Supra hyoid muscles function in depressing the mandible- to open the mouth
What muscle originates on the inferior border of the mandible tissue of the chin? Mentalis Muscle
What muscle protrudes the tongue? Genioglossus Muscle
What muscle group is innervated by the trigeminal nerve? Muscle of mastication
What muscle group is visibly involved with paralysis? Muscles of facial expression
How many muscles of mastication with depress the mandible? Lateral pyerygoid and only slightly
The lateral wall of the pterygomandibular space is formed by the The mandible
What muscle group is directly related in crushing and cutting of food? muscles of mastication
What muscle group(s) can play an indirect role in chewing by helping control and direct the food? some muscles of facial expression, all lingual muscles
The action of the muscle refers to? Motion that it causes as it contracts
To elevate the mandible is to? Close it
To depress the mandible is to? Open it
The medial wall of the pterygomandibular space is formed by the medial pterygoid muscle
What are the two parts of the epicranial muscles named? Frontal and occipital bellies
Created by: Strobelight95
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