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vocab 15

holocaust the systematic and planned extermination of about six million european jews and millions of others by the nazi's between 1933-1945
anti-semitism opposition to and discrimination against jewish people
aryan a term used by the nazis to describe northern european physical characteristics (blonde hair, blue eyes) as racially superior
b'richa the organized illegal mass movement of jews throughout europe following WWII
dehumanization nazi policy of denying jews basic cicil rights such as practicing religion, education, and adequate housing
concentration camps nazi prisons used to oppress jewish people
death camp nazi extermination centers where jews and other victims were brought to be killed
displacement the process, either official or unofficial, of people being involuntary moved from thier homes
euthanasia nazi euphemism for deliberate killings of institutionalized physically, mentally, and emotionally handicapped people. the euthanasia program began in 1939
genocide deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, cultural, or religous group
gestopa secret state police- used brutal methods to investigate and supress nazi resistance
pogram an organized and often ofically encouraged massacre or attacks on jews
propoganda false or partly false infromation used by a goverment or political party intended to sway the opinions of people
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