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Root quiz 12-16

Pnuemo Lung
Hormo Chain, Instigate
Emila Blood
Trache Windpipe
Pulmo Lung
Ren Kindey
Amni Fetal Membrane
Sept Wall, Seven
All Another, Other
Gamo marriage
Haplo Single
Mei(o) Less
Malign Bad, Worng
Cycl Circle, Wheel
Gene Birth, Descent
Fiss A Splilt
Eco House, Abode
Carni Flesh
Herb Plant
Omni All
Vore Eat, Eating, Consum
Auto Self
Troph Food, Nourishment
Mal Bad, Badly
Amphi Both, Double
Atmo Vapor
Sol Sun, Alone
Therme Heat
Zo Animal
Chemo Gaping, Chemistry
Spher Ball
Demo People
Agro(agri) Field
Ambi Both Sides
Para Beside. Near
Sapro Rotten
Noct Night
Myco Fungus
Meter To Measure
Derm Skin
Created by: chino562