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Periodontics II

Periodontal Surgery

Bone augmentation, bone grafting correction of a bone defect or deficiency with the placement of a bone graft and/or bone replacement material; a surgical procedure performed to re-establish bone volume
Crown lengthening used to increase the size of the clinical crown if it is inadequate for retention of a restoration, or for esthetics
Dental implant an artificial post that substitutes for a tooth root and to which a prosthesis is attached
Gingivectomy removal of marginal gingiva
Gingivoplasty recontouring the gingiva in the absence of pockets
Flap surgery part of the gingiva surgically separated from the underlying tissues, except at the base of the flap; split thickness; full thickness; apically positioned flap; coronally positioned flap; laterally positioned flap
Frenectomy / frenotomy clipping or removal of the frenum
Graft, osseous allograft; alloplast; autograft, xenograft
Graft, soft tissue connective tissue graft; free gingival graft
Guided bone regeneration surgical bone regeneration procedure using barrier membrane to regenerate bone
Guided tissue regeneration periodontal procedures performed in an attempt at regeneration. Barrier techniques are used with materials that exclude the JE from the wound site in an attempt to allow periodontal ligament cells to populate the wound site
Osseous surgery periodontal surgery involving the addition or resection (removal) of bone; ostectomy; osteoplasty
Root resection amputation or resection of a root, not involving the crown of the tooth, in treating Class II or III furcations
Root hemisection removal of a root and the corresponding coronal portion of the tooth when treating Class II or III furcations
Mucogingival surgical procedures can be used to treat what? recession, pedicle graft, subepithelial CT graft, double papilla flap
What is periodontal surgery? any surgical procedure or operation used to treat periodontitis or modify the morphology of the periodontium
What can periodontal surgery include? implant, reconstruction, osseous, and mucogingival
When is periodontal surgery necessary? reduce, regenerate, and arrest, and maintainable environment
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