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Career Choices 6

Career Choices Chapter 6 Vocabulary (Freshman Experience)

artistic creative or imaginative skill in the arts
accomodate to adjust or adapt
protective to guard or shield
humanitarian a person working for the welfare of all humans
occupation a person's chosen work; vocation
tentative not fully developed or worked out
excursion a brief trip
attributes inherent traits
visualization the process of producing visual images in your mind
typical regular; normal
mesh to fit or function together
consult to ask someone for their opinion or advice, confer
accurate no mistakes correct
explicit clear or specific; leaving no room for misinterpetation
decisive resolute; determined
gregarious liking to be around other people; friendly
contagious catching; arousing the same emotions in others
patient dealing with problems without becoming anxious
conscientious careful; painstaking
prominent well-known; distinguished
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