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Didier Spanish

Spanish Flash cards Elearning

Abuelo/a Grandpa/Grandma
Abuelos Grandparents
Hermano/a Brother/Sister
Hijo/a Son/Daughter
Padre Father
Madre Mother
Padres Parents
Primo/a Cousin
Tio/a Uncle/Aunt
Mayor Older
Menor Younger
De quien es Whose is it
Es el lapiz de Maria It's Maria's pencil
Es de it belongs to
Mi me
Tu You
Su his,her,it's,their,your formal
Nuestro Our
Verdad True/Right
Como no Of course
Claro Of course
Claro que no Of course not
Cumpleanos Birthday
Es muy feliz He is very happy
Felicidades Congrats
Hay There is/are
Como Like/as
Tocar To play/touch
Siempre Always
Guitarra Guitar
Piano Piano
Historia History
Matematicas Math
Ciencia Science
Ganar To win/earn
Dinero Money
Mirar To watch
Viajar To travel
Aleman German
Ruso Russian
Idiomas Languages
Durante During
El fin de semana The weekend
Esperar To hope
Tambien Too
Created by: owenproffitt