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Lesson 15: Review

gam marriage
morph form
thaum, thaumat wonder
techn art; skill
mim imitate
crypt conceal
phan, phen shine
trop turn; respond to
troph feed; nourish
stroph turn
klin, clin lean; lie; incline
ag, agog lead
bas, bat step; go
bal, ball, bol, bl throw
holo- whole
allo- other
acro- top; tip; end
therm heat
hydr water
hygr moisture
bar weight; pressure
phot, phos light
pyr fire
aer lower air
ether upper air
caust, caut burn
schiz, schis split, cleave
od way; path
pseudo- false; counterfeit
-phoria, -phery a bearing; a carrying; production
-phor, -pher, -phore, -phorus that which bears, carries, produces
-phoric, -phorous bearing; producing
aesth, esth feeling; perception
eth habit; moral
neur nerve
pneum, pneumat, -pnea breath; wind
opt, ops, op sight; view; eye
ophthalam eye
them, the, thet, thec, thek put; place
thanat, thanas death
necro dead
taph tomb
mnem, mne, mnes memory
soph wise
dys- difficult; bad
-orama view
-oramist one who views
-oramic pertaining to viewing
tax, tact arrangement; order
tox, toxic poison
dox belief; opinion
paed, ped child; instruction
athl prize
kine, kino, cinem, cinemat movement
sept, seps poison (from decay)
proto- first
deutero- second
tri- three
tetra- four
penta- five
hexa- six
hepta- seven
octo- eight
ennea- nine
deka-, deca-, dec- ten
hecato-, hecatom-, hecaton-, hect- hundred
kilo- thousand
myriad- ten thousand
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