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Lesson 10: Review

tom cut
ton, ten stretch; tone
chir hand
pod foot
cephal head
dactyl finger; toe
gloss, glott, glot tongue; languge
osteo bone
derm, dermat skin
plas, plasm, plast mold; shape; form; substance
pachy- thick
tauto- same
-algia, -algy pain
-algiac one who suffers pain
-algic, -algetic pertaining to or causing pain
-itis inflammation
-itic one who has inflammation; caused by inflammation
-machy, -machia war; fight
-machist one who fights
-machic, -machical, -machal pertaining to fighting
bio life
phys nature; growth
psych mind; soul; spirit
soma, somat body
lith, -lite stone
petr, peter rock
glyph, glypt carving
icon image; idol
astr star
nom arrangement; law
onoma, onym name
ec, oec house; environment
ethn nation
paleo- ancient
neo- new
hier- sacred
-clasm breakage; destruction
-clast one who shatters or destroys
-clastic breaking; destructive
-lysis a loosening; solution
-lyst one who solves
-lytic, -lytical loosening; dissolving
-iatry, -iatrics a healing; science of healing
-iatrist one who heals
-iatric promoting healing
crat, cras mix
cosm order; world
polit, polis city
crit, cris separate; discern; judge
top place
thalass; thalatt sea
naus, nau sea
plut wealth
idio- one's own; individual
ideo-, idea- idea
auto- self
-cracy rule; government
-crat one who rules
-cratic pertaining to rule
-poly sale; selling
-pole, -polist one who sells
-polistic pertaining to selling
dendr, dender tree
phyll, phyllo leaf
phyt plant
anth flower
sperm, spermat, spor seed; sowing
zo animal
hipp horse
drom a running; course
ornith bird
ichthy fish
entom insect
etym true meaning; root meaning of word
ep word
phag eat
-oidism resemblance
-oid that which resembles
-oid, -oidal like; resembling
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