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Periodontics II

Mucocutaneous Disorders

Diverse diseases affect what? skin and or mucous membranes
To determine correct treatment, what must be done? diagnosis and have an understanding of the underlying etiology
What does treatment typically focus on? alleviating clinical signs and symptoms and preventing the spread of disease
What are Bullous Pemphigoids? large fluid filled blisters
When do Bullous Pemphigoids occur? immune system attacks a thin layer of tissue (outer tissue) of the skin
How is Bullous Pemphigoids identified? intense and dequamation (shedding) of the surface epithelium of the attached gingiva
What age is mild clinical manifestations of Bullous Pemphigoids frequent in? 17-23 yrs old
What is diffused throughout the gingiva in mild Bullous Pemphigoids? erythema
The margins and attached gingiva look like what in moderate Bullous Pemphigoids? patchy, red, and gray areas of the margins smooth, shiny, of soft consistency
What age is moderate clinical manifestations of Bullous Pemphigoids frequent in? 30-40 yrs old
What is the "key" to Chronic Desquamative Gingivitis? a burning sensation
Epithelial tissue of moderate clinical manifestations of Bullous Pemphigoids does what? sloughs off all mucosa
What does the epithelial tissue of severe clinical manifestations of Bullous Pemphigoids do? peels off
What are some of the characteristics of severe clinical manifestations of Bullous Pemphigoids? denuded, (stripped or bare) areas, red and speckled gingiva
What are some symptoms of severe clinical manifestations of Bullous Pemphigoids? painful, dry, burning sensation
What can separations of epithelium and connective tissue resemble? pemphigus (blisters) or Lichen planus
What is the treatment for Chronic Desquamative Gingivitis? hydrogen peroxide, soft tooth brush, topical corticosteroids, steroids, nutritional supplements
Lichen planus has a form of what ring
Inflammatory disease of the skin and mucous membranes of Lichen plaus may be what? confined to skin and or the mucous membranes
How is the skin condition of Lichen planus identified? eruption of flat, taught, shiny, violet papules on flexor surfaces, male genitalia, mucosa of oral cavity
What does flexor surfaces mean? parts of the skin that touch when a joint is bent
How is the oral condition of Lichen planus identified? diagnosis can be difficult
What does the oral condition of Lichen planus involve? friction which causes or increases the severity
T or F, Lichen planus lesions can be caused by emotional stress? True
Lichen planus is? An autoimmune disease
What do skin lesions cause? pruritus (itching)
What do the Lichen planus lesions look like? grayish, white, lacy patches
What is Chronic Discoid Lupus Erythematous? a photosensitive eruption which can be localized or widespread
How does Chronic Discoid Lupus Erythematous manifest itself? red scaly patched that leave scares that can itch or be painful
What areas does Chronic Discoid Lupus Erythematous affect? sun exposure areas
What does pemphigus do? separates individual prickle cells from their neighbors as in keratosis
What does BMMP stand for? Benign Mucous Membrane Phemphigoid
What is the treatment of Lichen Planus? hydrogen peroxide rinses, steroids
Bullous Pemphigoid lesions are... present in only 10% of cases
What is the treatment of Bullous Pemphigoids? systemic corticosteroids
Cicatricial Pemphigoid is a .... rare, autoimmune, blistering sub-epithelial disease
The skins is involved in what percent of Cicatrical Pemphigoid cases that result in scaring? 20
How are the Cicatrical Pemphigoid tissues usually characterized? erosive skin lesions
T or F, Cicatrical Pemphigoid results in frequent eye lesions; which can lead to blindness True
What gender and age group does Cicatrical Pemphigoid usually affect? Females, 40-70 yrs old
What is usually the best way to diagnose Cicatrical Pemphigoid? Biopsy
What is the treatment of Cicatrical Pemphigoid? systemic corticosteroids, sometimes topical
What is Pemphigus Vulgaris? autoimmune bullous ( blister) disorder
T or F, Pemphigus Vulgaris is first generalized and then localized? False, localized and then generalized
What are important concepts to know of Pemphigus Vulgaris lesions? easily break, hard to heal, and potentially lethal
What is another name of the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome? Erythema Multiforme
What is Erythema Multiforme associated with? allergies, seasonal changes, drug sensitivities, or stress
What is Erythema Multiforme? severe inflammatory eruption following respiratory infection or an allergic reaction to drugs or other substances.
What is recurrent Erythema Multiforme consist of? chill then fever and can last from 10 days to weeks
What percent of Erythema Multiforme cases have oral lesions? 80
What do Erythema Multiforme lesions appear like? target like
What is the treatment of Erythema Multiforme? systemic steroids
Why are Erythema Multiforme lesions target like? dark red or purple macules that involve the tongue or lips that can be painful, also surrounded by wheals (rings)
What does wheals mean? Rings
What is Lupus Erythematosus? autoimmune disease that contains chronic and acute types
T or F, Lupus Erythematous has periods of remission and exacerbation? True
When are Lupus Erythematous lesions present? in acute type
What percent of chronic patients with Lupus Erythematous have oral lesions? 10
What percent of acute patients with Lupus Erythematous have oral lesions? 75
How many more times is Lupus Erythematous more common in women than in males? 5
What are the characteristics of the Chronic Lupus Erythematous lesions? white with red usually on buccal mucosa.
What are the characteristics of the chronic Lupus Erythematous lesions on the tongue? denuded (striped or bare) or leukoplakic patches
What are the characteristics of the acute Lupus Erythematous lesions? usually more with greater destruction
What is the treatment of Lupus Erythematous? corticosteriods, antimalarial, bismuth, gold, and ACTH
What would you want to avoid when treating Lupus Erythematous? exposure to sun
What is Stomatitis Medicamentosa? allergic inflammatory changes in oral soft tissue
What is Stomatitis Medicamentosa associated to? use of drugs or medicaments, usually those taken systemically.
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