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Dental Histology

Chapter 18 Primary Dentition

When does mineralization of primary teeth begin? 13-16 weeks during utero.
When do primary teeth start to calcify? 18-20 weeks
What is the first primary tooth to erupt? mand. central incisors
When does the first primary tooth erupt? 6-10 months
How long does it take the primary dentition to complete? 2-3 years
What are inter proximal spaces? spaces between the primary teeth necessary for proper alignment of future permanent dentition.
Where are the most common spaces? Between primary max. lateral and canine. Between primary mand. canine and first molar.
Can teeth erupt into the oral cavity decayed? Yes.
How does the permanent tooth erupt? Lingually to the primary tooth.
Why are primary teeth whiter than permanent teeth? The primary teeth have increased opacity of the enamel- covers the yellow color of the dentin.
What is the crown to root ratio of primary teeth? Roots are narrower and longer than the crown on primary teeth.
Primary Incisor vs Permanent Incisors. Primary resemble permanent successors, but primary has a more prominent cervical ridge on both labial and lingual surface. Same arch position.
Primary Canines vs. Permanet Canines Resemble the outline of their permanent successors, primary has a more prominent cervical ridge.
Primary Molars vs Permanent Molars Have similar arch position, function, and general shape has permanent. Primary has a prominent cervical ridge on buccal surfaces.
Clinical Considerations for primary dentition. Being supervised homewares as early as possible
When should a childs first dental appointment be? Within 6 months of the eruption of the first primary tooth, but no later than 12 months of age.
Early Childhood Caries Baby bottle tooth decay- acute caries
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