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USIDMS Renal Doppler

What is a horseshoe kidney? The kidneys are joined at their lower poles by an isthmus of tissue.
How does the right renal artery course? It initially courses anterolaterally and then moves posterior to the inferior vena cava.
Who are most at risk for atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis? The elderly, hypertensive patients, smokers, patients who have hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.
What is used to calculate the renal-aortic velocity ratio? The highest renal artery velocity and the peak systolic velocity of the aorta.
What can you do to find the presence of additional renal arteries? Increase the sample volume size and scan the para-aortic region.
What is the normal kidney length range? 9-13 cm
What might patients with acute renal failure present with? Pain and hematuria
How should the aorta and common iliac arteries look in B-mode? Anechoic lumens with smooth arterial walls.
Peak systolic velocities in the aorta range from? 60 to 100 cm/s
Flow reducing renal artery stenosis is considered what percent? >60%
Created by: arfair1