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BSC a Textbook

BSC a Textbook 1

mačka, mačke cat, cats
pas, pasa dog, dogs
moje my
tvoje yours
ime, imena name, names
naše ours (n)
naš ours (m)
naša ours (f)
olovka, olovke pencil, pencils
šta? what?
li... [introduces a question]
njegov his (m)
njegova his (f)
njegovo his (n)
njen hers (m)
njeno hers (n)
njena hers (f)
njihov theirs (m)
njihovo theirs (n)
njihova theirs (f)
on he, it
ona she, it
ono it
pismo, pisma letter, letters
pitanje, pitanja question, questions
tamo there
sveska, sveske notebook, notebooks
zadaća homework
auto, auta car, cars
dan, dani day, days
dobar good (m)
dobro good (n)
dobra good (f)
ili or
ja me (or yes if the 'a' is short)
mi we
na bosanskom in Bosnian
žena, žene woman, wife
ti you
zovem se... I am called...
kako? how?
kako se kaže...? how do you say...? (lit. how is it said...?)
mali, malo, mala small (m,n,f)
velik, veliko, velika big (m,n,f)
sladak, slatko, slatka sweet (m,n,f)
ali but
čovjek, čovjeka man, men
jesu they are
nisu they are not
Bosanac, Bosanka Bosnian man, Bosnian woman
Amerikanac, Amerikanka American man, American woman
Arap, Arapkinja Arab man, Arab woman
Bosanci Bosnians (m & f)
Amerikanci Americans (m & f)
Hrvat, Hrvatica Croatian man, Croatian woman
Srbin, Srpkinja Serbian man, Serbian woman
jesam I am/did (emphatic)
jesi you are/did (emphatic)
jesu they are/did (empathic)
oni they
jeste he/she/it is/did (emphatic)
Created by: efako