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Career Choices 5

Career Choices Chapter 5 Vocabulary (Freshman Experience)

category a classification or grouping
characteristics traits or attributes
environment your surroundings; the setting in which you live or work
frequent to hang out at a place regularly
acquaintances a person you know but who is not a close friend
isolation being detached or far removed from others
variety many different forms or types of something
compatible able to live or work together in harmony
flexible adaptable to new, changing, or developing circumstances
potential hidden talent or possibility
incentive motive; something that provokes action
option a choice; an alternative way of arriving at something
composite a combination of several different parts
free lance a person who works within a profession but with no fixed long-term responsibility to any one company
sequential one after another
anxiety uneasiness; a feeling of impending doom
tolerance open-mindedness; understanding someone else's beliefs even if they are unlike your own
entrepreneur someone who establishes a runs a business or company
capital the money invested to start or maintain a business
status a person's position in relation to others
Created by: butlerbulldogs
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