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the true halo tester for true halo fans who have played halo 1 2 3 4 and odst

Smg a sub machine gun used in halo 2 as a replacement for the assult rifle and kept in halo until reach but brought back in halo 5
battle rifle a markmans rifle brought in halo 2 for players to have a diffrent main gun and was kept in halo until reach but brought back in halo 5
assult rifle a gun that was a signeture for halo. origanally 60 rounds in H1 but when brought back in H3 it was dropped to 32
Origanal magnum this was halo1 OP pistol that was durasticly changed and weakened in halo two so much that it was considered a diffrent gun
Elite also known as sangheli these strong soilders were the first edition to the convenent
Brutes these ape like creatures were introduced in halo2 and are specificly used for most missions involving blowing stuff up, not anything complictated cause you know their DUMB
grunts this little guys might not be scary but in a group they can do alot, heck they almost destroyed the covenent in a rebellion
hunters these huge worm built creatures are used for directing a huge weapon like the scarab or battle built tanks
carbine these standerd covennent marksman rifles are widely used by many members of the covennent
DMR added in halo 3, these marine marksman rifle are standerdly used in most operations
spartan lls these elite human soilders were geneticly altered and enhanced to be strong super warriors.
Created by: DerpyCactus105



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