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Meiosis, Mendel

Mutations, Meiosis,, and Mendel's genetics

What is a carcinogen? substance capable of causing cancerous mutations in genes
What is an inversion mutations? a mutation when a segment of a gene is broken then reinserted backwards
What is genetic crossing over? when genetic information gets mixed up between homologous chromosomes
What is a deletion mutation? when one or more nucleotide bases are deleted from a sequence
What is a mutation? a permanent change in the nucleotide sequence in a chromosome
New traits generally appear in a species due to these mutations
Genetic mutations that occur where will be passed on to offspring gametes
Genetic mutations in somatic cells most likely result in what the wrong proteins created
Cancer is caused by the disruption of which what cell function due to mutation? DNA replication
Not all genes are harmful, some are beneficial
Crossing over contributes to genetic diversity by producing new allele combinations
How much of an indiidual's DNA is inherited from the individual's father? 50%
Mendel discovered that alleles are not tied to each other and are able to mix independent of each other in gametes, we call this The law of independent assortment
Meiosis goes through two divisions to be left with what type of cells (diploid or haploid) haploid
Why is meiosis a benefit to species? it allows more genetic variation
A Punnett Square showing a cross for one trait is called what monohybrid cross
What are possible phenotypes for the children with a mother with type O blood and a father with type AB blood? A or B
What do we call a trait that is determined by the effect of more than one pair of genes polygenic
In a pedigree of three generations and 18 people, 10 females and 8 males, a trait is expressed in everyone except 1 boy and one girl. What would we call this type of trait? autosomal dominant
What is referred to as a genotype? the allele combination of an individual
What is referred to as a phenotype? the physical expression of genotype...what it looks like
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