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Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis and Mutation - Review

If the underlined base changed from U to C, what would be the effect on the protein? Tyr-aa
What do we call this kind of mutation? No mutation
Have anticodons? TRNA
are enzymes involved in transcription RNA Polymerases
A genetic mutation of a single nucleotide will ALWAYS result in a different amino acid True or False False
What mRNA sequence would the DNA sequence AGTCCG code for? UCAGGC
Why do genetic mutations often lead to a disease? A change in amino acid sequence can change protein shape.
What amino acid sequence would the DNA sequence TAAAGT code for? ILe-Ser
The transfer of genetic information form DNA to RNA is called Transcription
Translation consist of which of the following? The conversion of genetic information from the language of nucleic acids to the language of proteins.
Which of the following bring amino acids to the ribosomes? Transfer RNAs
Where in the cell do mRNA and amino acids on tRNAs come together? at ribosomes
What molecule are produced in translation? Proteins
tRNA is not translated into protein True or False? False
What process does DNA make a copy of itself? Replication
List two ways that mutation could affect the organism? code for wrong protein and Stop coding early
Name the process occurring in the nucleus of the cell Transcription
Where in the cell will the mRNA go once it has been constructed? Cytoplasm/Ribosome
There , the mRNA will be divided into groups of 3 bases called Codon
Name the process occurring in the ribosome? translation
At the ribosome, the mRNA will meet with what? tRNA
The group of 3 bases attached to "B" is called? anticodon
If the codon is "AAC", the anticodon would be UUG
Joining amino acids together builds Protein
Amino acids are held together by Polypeptide bonds
How are proteins important to living organisms? Building blocks of life
A gene is a specific section of DNA
Each gene codes for a Protein
What are proteins made of? AA
How many of this are there? 20
Protein are made in several steps DNA> RNA>Protein> trait
What is the process called when RNA is made using the DNA template strand? transcription
Why must DNA be transcribed into mRNA? So the genetic code can leave the nucleus
In which direction does the RNA polymerase build the RNA strand? 3' - 5'
What is at the beginning of a gene that controls where transcribing begins? Polymerase
What must happen to the RNA before it leaves the nucleus? Splicing
What is the process called when mRNA is read and a protein is made? translation
What is the purpose of a tRNA bring in AA
What is the purpose of nRNA Code for AA
What is the molecule that assembles the amino acids in the correct order based on the information carried to it by the mRNA. rRNA
What does RNA Polymerase do? Unzips/Adds Nucleotides/Proof
Transcription takes place in the Nucleus
Translation takes place in the Ribosome
How does the ribosome know to stop adding on amino acids to the protein? Stop Codon
In the end, what is really responsible for how the protein is built? DNA
Which strand of the DNA is always used to transcribe mRNA? Left
A codon is found on the mRNA
anticodon is found on the tRNA
How many different codons code for Glycine? 4
What tRNA anticodon would match up with the mRNA sequence UAC? AUG
What amino acids would it be transferring? Tyr
Why is gene regulation so important? Controls what genes are turned on/off
Define differentiation in relation to cells Tells cells what type of cell to be
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