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Anne frank vocabular

Vocabulary words for the section Anne FRank Diary

Loathe strong dislike or disgust
Unabashed Embarrassed, ashamed or awed
capulation A surrender on certain terms or conditions.
Mercurial Lightly, and animated; quick, changeable, fickle
Sparsely thinly
Portly intolerable, unbearable
Stifling to stop the breathe of
deported forced to leave a country, banish, expel, An alien whose is undesirable or is often deported and sent back.
Meticulous extremely or excessively careful about small details.
subdued overcome by superior force
fatalist Believer in fatalism
falteringly hesitation in actions or lack of courage, draw back, waver
improvised make up on the spur of the moment, sing, recite, speak, etc. without preparation
Jubilation A rejoicing
Ostentatiously done for display, intended to attract notice
Invoice food or provisions, nourishments, Healthy foods!
disgruntled vigorous attack
intuition list of goods sent to a purchaser showing prices, amounts and shipping.
foreboding disgusted or scornful
forlorn immediate perception or understanding of truth , facts, etc. without reasoning.
inarticulate prediction, warning
animation liveliness, or manner spirit, vivicity
vague not definite, or precisely expressed.
indignation anger at something unworthy, unjust, unfair or mean; anger mixed with scorn.
insistent demanding
ineffectual without effect, useless
convulsive violent
liberated released
intolerable Unbearable
Created by: victoria.ryker47