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Great Gatsby vocab

Great Gatsby all the vocabulary words

Feign Give a false appearance of.
Supercilious Having or showing arrogant or superiority.
Incredulous Skeptical, disbelieving
Wan An unnatural or sickly pallor. Lacking color.
Anon In a short time. Soon anonymous.
Contiguous Connecting without a break. Uninterrupted.
Interpose To step in between parties at variance.
Apathetic Not interested or concerned.
Languid Lacking in spirit., or interest, listless, indifferent.
Deft Skillful, clever.
Permeate To pass into or through every part of.
Erroneous Containing error, mistaken, incorrect, wrong.
Vacuous Lacking in ideas, or intelligence.
Corpulent Large or bulky of body. fat.
Provincial Having the mourners; and viewpoints characteristics of province.
Knickerbocker A descendant of the dutch settlers of New York.
Rajah An Indian King or a prince.
Somnambulate Sleep walk.
Denizen An inhabitant, resident.
Jaunty Easily and sprightly in manner or bearing. Clothing.
Rout Any overwhelming defeat.
Suppress To put an end to the activities of a person, body of people.
Serf A slave.
Obstinate Persuasion, or integrity.
Nebulous Confused; or cloudy, or cloud like.
Laudable Praiseworthy
Insidious Deceitful, gross, dangerous.
Repose To pose again.
Debauch To corrupt by sensuality, intemperance, seduce.
Dilatory Tardy
Tumult A loud confused noise, especially caused by a lot of people.
Portentous Significant or indicative
Irreverent Showing a lack of respect for people.
Vicarious Acting or done for another.
Rancor Bitterness, hatefulness
Humidor An airtight container, holder for a physical object.
Settee A long upholstered seat for more than one person.
Divot Indentation
Garrulous Excessively talkative
Laden Loaded donwn
Pasquinade Imitative composition
Derange Make crazy, confuse, crazy, lunatic.
Surmise Guess, conclusion
Superfluous Extra, unnecessary
Elocution Articulation
Created by: Katwill678