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Anesthesia Study Guide

What is the least amount of time it should take to administer one cartridge of local anesthetic? 1-2 minutes
Which technique would best prevent an overdose reaction to a local anesthetic? Inject slowly
Mr Holland requires local anes. for subgingival cal remoal. Within sec. after a PSA injection his face becomes distended and swollen at the injection site. What is the most likely cause? Hematoma
A contraindication for a patient with an allergy to bisulfites would be what? Anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor
The cardiac dosage for a vasoconstrictor is? .04mg
Epi exerts the greatest effects on the? Beta Receptors
The primary effect of local anesthetic occurs during the Depolarization phase
Your pt. suddenly and unexpectedly moves so you contact the periosteum about 15 resulting in needle breakage. The needle is lost and cannot be readily retrieved. What is the UN-correct way to react? Proceed with an incision and or probe to locate the fragment
Which of the following local anesthesia have the greatest propensity torward allergic reaction Procaine and benzocaine
The palatal mucosa of the maxillary incisors is innervated by what nerve nasopalatine nerves
What is the primary excretory organ for both types of LA Kidneys
If you administer 180 mg of 2% lido with 1:100,000 epi to your healthy pt. how many cartridges have you administered? 5
What is the volume of LA solutions in a typical dental cartridge 1.8 ml
Approximately how many carps of lido 2% plain can be given per appointment for a healthy 160 lb male? 8 carps
Allergic reactions are commonly associated with preservative used to prevent oxidation of the vasoconstrictor. The preservative added to the cartridge is Sodium Bisulfite
If 2 carps of 2% lido 1:100,000 are administered how many mg of epi did the patient recieve? .36 mg
To obtain adequate anesthesia to the LA nerve, the needle must be located superior to the mandibular foramen
A patient is experiencing an episode of hyperventilation. What is the appropriate emergency tx have pt. breath into cupped hands
Which solubility factor primarily determines an ensthetic agent potency lipid
Which nerve is involved in anesthetizing the facial gingival of the maxillary cuspid ASA
Which of the following characterized acute generalized anaphylactic shock? sudden loss of motor time, bronchial constriction with circulatory shut down
In what instance should a clinician respond to a positive aspiration by removing the syringe, changing the cartridge and redoing the procedure when the clinician cannot see clearly that the aspiration was negative
Which needle gauge has the largest diameter? 25 gauge
What immediate action should be taken by the clinician if the patient becomes unresponsive Activate EMS
Why is infiltration anesthesia impractical for most mandible teeth? The bone structure of the mandible is too dense
Which condition is a relative contraindication to the use of vasoconstrictors hyperthroidism
which of the following explains the pt experiencing a momentary sensation of electric shock during the insertion phase of an injection the needle contacts the nerve sheath
Besides the health status of the patient, what is the most improtant consideration in choosing an anesthetic the length of time anesthesia is required
How much epi does lido 2% with 1:100,000 epi contain compared to 1:50,000 epi solution half
Where is the insertion site for the LB injection Distal and buccal to the last molar
Where are amides primarily metabolized Liver
Where are esters primarily metabolized blood by enzyme psuedocholinesterase
A dental hygienist selects a 30 gauge needle for the mandibular nerve block. Which of the following is a potential problem relating to this needle choice? Inability to reach the target area
Which of the following describes the half life of a LA? The rate at which the anesthetic is removed from the blood
A pt. medical hx absolutely contraindicated the use of a vasopressor, she is about to under go perio debridment on mand quad. Which agent will provide longest duration of pain control Prilocaine 4%
To avoid possible episodes of syncope during the injection process, how should the patient's head be positioned? same level as the heart
What does a small 1-2 mm bubble in the cartridge indicate? nitrogen gas
What is the taget deposition area of the PSA nerve block the area superior to the apex of the max sec. molar
Which condition is most likely to cause central nervous system stimulation followed by central nervous system depression toxic overdose of LA
Which topical anesthetic is appropriate for a patient with a history of asthma and allergies to many foods and cometics lidocaine
A patient claims and allergy to Novocaine, When asked to describe his reactions his lists shortness of breath, palpations, cold sweats, fainting, what are these symptoms more likey caused by? apprehension about revieving dental care
Which is the following anesthetics has the shortest duration of actions? Carbocaine 3%
Which nerve is not anesthetisized with the Gow Gates technique IA, L, M, PSA
A patient with moderate perio needs SRP on F #12, 13 he has no med hx complications. What is the most appropriate anesthetic agent to administer? Lido 2% 1:00,000
What is the reason for difficulty in obtaining adequate anesthesia when there is infection neath the injection site low pH of area inhibits the liberation of the free base of the anesthetic agent
An anaphylactic reaction to an administered LA is best treated with which two agents oxygen and epi
What would cause a large bubble and a plunger to be extruded beyond the rim of the cartridge freezing the anesthetic solution
Where is the injection site for the IA nerve block bordered medially by pterygomandibular raphe, laterally by the internal oblique ridge at the height of the coronoid notch
What preservatives is included in Mepivicaine 3% to preserve it's shelf life mehtylparaban
a 140 lb pt w/ severe systemic cardio disease comes to your office for an SRP, you plan to administer 2 % lido 1:100,000 how many carps ane anes. can you give 2.2
what are the potential outcomes of administering lido to a chronic alcoholic slower than normal biotransformation rate
Created by: daisenmurray
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