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Questions from WREB Anesthesia 2006

If a patient was taking a tricyclic antidepressant you would give them? 3 carps of 1:100,000, Smallest effective dose of epinephrine, no levonordefrin or norepinephrine
ASA landmarks infraorbital notch
Which is the smallest lumen size 30
What is the maximum dose of epi a normal, healthy patient can have? 0.2 mg
What percent is Prilocaine? 4%
Which has the least duration? Lidocaine HCL 2%- 5 to 10 min pulpal anes. and 1-2 hrs. of soft tissue anes.
Bigger sized lumen is good for what? easier aspiration
Patient is experiencing chest pains that also go down left side of neck what is it? heart attack and angina
What tx, would you give the pt. above? oxygen and nitroglycerine
If you use a short needle on an IA what happens? miss the injection site
On a PSA where is the needle in relation to the plexus when you are ready to deposit? anterior
What does the lingual injection anesthesize? all lingual tissues
Patient has a history of diabetes and angina, what drugs would have have readily available? sugar and nitroglycerine
You are giving a right IA, where is the barrel located? left side premolars, #20 and #21
After giving an injection with epi, their hands and arms begin to shake, what is wrong? L.A overdose
What is the tx, of LA overdose? reasure pt, administer oxygen
symptom of allergic reaction itching
Sign or sympom of syncope pallor
The most common adverse effect of anesthesia overdose
Normal clinical manifestations of an epi overdose throbbing headache, tremor, fear, restlessness
Maxillary branch v2- foramen rotundum
mandibular branch v3 formen ovale
if you hit bone too soon on a PSA what is wrong? needle is too great torwards the midline, withdraw the needle slightly and bring the syringe closer to the occlusal plane, readvance the needle
What is the tx of a hematoma pressure and ice immediately, warms moist towels next day for 20 min every hour
Treatment of trismus hot moist towels for 20 minutes every hour
What injection do you give to someone with trismus vazirani-Akinosi
The infraorbital nerve emerges through the infraorbital foramen
The lingual nerve runs what to the IA anterior and medial
If bone is contacted to early on IA the needle is to far anterior
Which injection blocks the mylohyoid nerve gow-gates
landmark for the IA coronoid notch
How do local anesthetics work block Na+
You chose to use Marcaine for SRP, and an extraction of a 3rd molar, Why? post op pain control
Patients face is distended and swollen on side of injection site what is wrong hematoma
What is the tx for hemtoma and allergic reaction cold packs
What does the aromatic lipophilic ring diffuse through? nerve sheath
What preservative is in 3% Mepivacaine nothing
If a needle broke off in the patients mouth what is the first thing you do? keep the patients mouth open
How much epi can you give a compromised patient .04 mg
GP anesthesized what? anterior to premolars, posterior palate to midline
If a patient is allergiv to PABA in sun screens what LA are they also allergic to? Benzocaine, all esters
If you needed to ge the labial tissues, of #26 and #27 what injection would you use? mental
Created by: daisenmurray