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Career Choices 3

Career Choices Chapter 3 Vocabulary (Freshman Experience)

self-actualization to fully realize your potential
esteem worth; value; admiration
survival the process of staying alive
capable qualified; competent
necessity something that is essential or indispensable
satisfaction a state of having all you need or want; contentment
hierarchy a series of levels or ranks; power structure
acknowledgement recognition for a notable deed
epitaph an account meant to summarize the life of a dead person; commnemoration
lifestyle typical way in which someone chooses to live
sociology the scientific study of the society
psychology the scientific study of the mind and behavior
component a piece, part, or ingredient
contemplation to study in your mind; reflection
spiritual relating to sacred things
recuperate to get back health or strength; recover
external existing on the outside; an external force
internal existing inside the mind
priority something of the utmost importance
legacy something passed on from one generation to another; something left behind
Created by: butlerbulldogs